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Patent and IP Recoveries LLC's General License Statement

Submitted: July 12, 2020 under the rules in RFC 8179.

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I. Patent Holder/Applicant ("Patent Holder")

Holder legal name Patent and IP Recoveries LLC

II. Patent Holder's Contact for License Application

Holder contact name Todd Glassey
Holder contact email
Holder contact info

III. Statement


Apple has filed and had issued 34 or more derivatives of US6370629 including these. They like all other patents derived from US6370629 are controlled by the settlement and use terms outlined here &

If you need to release products using these including iOS or MacOS apps using those patents you will need a paid release from Patent and IP Recoveries LLC.

Apple US6370629 derivatives controlled under US6370629 Settlement terms
US7710290, US8031050, US8060389,
US8073565, US8108144, US8127246, US8175802, US8180379, US8204684, US8275352, US8290513, US8311526, US8332402, US8355862, US8359643, US8369867, US8385946, US8452529, US8463238, US8489669, US8538685, US8548735, US8644843, US8660530, US8670748, US8694026, US8738039, US8762056, US8774825, US8924144, US8930233, US8963686, US8977294, US8984059, US9066199, US9100793, US9109904,US9131342, US9237514, US9250092, US9310206, US9317867, US9414198, US200900050.

This also pertains to sales of those products into these 7 jurisdictions and the UK as well Australia AP54015/99, Brazil BR9904979A, Canada CA2287596a, EU EP0997808a3, Korea KR20000032593a, Japan JP2000163379a, and South Africa ZA9906799a where unauthorized copies of US6370629 were filed and abandoned creating perpetual antitrust matters for all derivatives of US6370629 sold into or through those jurisdictions.

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IV. Contact Information of Submitter of this Form

Submitter name Todd Glassey
Submitter email

V. Other Notes

Additional notes

Apple is fully bound to the unintended consequences of USDC 14-CV-03629/WHA as it impacts virtually all key location aware applications running in iOS andacOS networking including as this applies to any other postings per US6370629 and/or US6303126.

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