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Submitted: August 2, 2020 under the rules in RFC 8179

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Holder legal name Todd Glassey

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Holder contact name Todd Glassey
Holder contact email tglassey1@protonmail.com
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Patent and IP Revoeries Grup, LLC, Minsk Belarus.

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Number: US6370629
Inventor: Todd Glassey
Title: Controlling Access to Stored Information
Date: 1998-10-29
Notes: Includes derivatives as follows:




B. Does this disclosure relate to an unpublished pending patent application?:

Has patent pending No

IV. Statement


The European Union Court of Justice ruling in SCHREMS2 codified that CONTRACTS PERTAINING TO PATENT USES ARE APPLICABLE IN MANAGING DATA LICENSING REQUIREMENTS IN THE EU FORMALLY, and will as such set aside multiple structures in place in the IETF today. The MUST be taken into account for EU based uses of IETF PROTOCOLS using Patents methods in all forms, for any constructs they require added to, or limitations they provide for EU based data service protocols and their uses. The same is true of other PROTOCOL STANDARDS like PDF for instance, when PDF Files are used over a Network Stack, they may be constrained therein by rules not necessarily implemented in the US or any other Nations outside the EU.

The implications of this to the IETF are very significant, and MUST be factored immediately into Licensing and Copyrights granted to any party submitting or who owns licensing contracts, as exist with US6370629, US6393126 or their derivatives as SEP filings today.

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V. Contact Information of Submitter of this Form

Submitter name Todd Glassey
Submitter email tglassey1@protonmail.com

VI. Other Notes

Additional notes

The IETF and Internet Society must address these matters immediately to continue IETF protocols to be allowed free access to users in the US who sell their products into the EU where separate licensing rules may be in place based on SHREMS2 now.

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