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IPR Details
British Broadcasting Corporation's Statement about IPR related to draft-bichot-msync

Submitted: August 1, 2023 under the rules in RFC 8179.

Note: Updates to IPR disclosures must only be made by authorized representatives of the original submitters. Updates will automatically be forwarded to the current Patent Holder's Contact and to the Submitter of the original IPR disclosure.

I. Patent Holder/Applicant ("Patent Holder")

Holder legal name British Broadcasting Corporation

II. Patent Holder's Contact for License Application

Holder contact name BBC R&D Technology Transfer & Partnerships
Holder contact email R&DTechnologyTransfer&
Holder contact info

BBC Research & Development,
The Lighthouse,
201 Wood Lane,
London W12 7TQ.

British Broadcasting Corporation,
Broadcasting House,
London W1A 1AA.

III. Contact Information for the IETF Participant Whose Personal Belief Triggered this Disclosure

Name Richard Bradbury
Other info

BBC Research & Development,
The Lighthouse,
201 Wood Lane,
London W12 7TQ.

British Broadcasting Corporation,
Broadcasting House,
London W1A 1AA.

IV. IETF Document or Other Contribution to Which this IPR Disclosure Relates

draft-bichot-msync ("MSYNC")
No revisions for this Internet-Draft were specified in this disclosure. The Internet-Draft's revision was 13 at the time this disclosure was posted. Contact the discloser or patent holder if there are questions about which revisions this disclosure pertains to.

V. Disclosure of Patent Information
i.e., patents or patent applications required to be disclosed by RFC 8179

A. For granted patents or published pending patent applications, please provide the following information:

Patent, Serial, Publication, Registration, or Application/File number(s)

Number: GB2521845, KR102299233, EP3090523, US11032344
Inventor: Richard Bradbury, Andrew Lipscombe
Title: Content delivery (Network streaming of media packets for supporting one-way streaming services)
Date: 2014-01-03
Notes: Patent date identifies the priority date for the initial filing of the patent family; grant dates for individual patent territories vary.

B. Does this disclosure relate to an unpublished pending patent application?:

Has patent pending No

VI. Licensing Declaration

The Patent Holder states that its position with respect to licensing any patent claims contained in the patent(s) or patent application(s) disclosed above that would necessarily be infringed by implementation of the technology required by the relevant IETF specification ("Necessary Patent Claims"), for the purpose of implementing such specification, is as follows(select one licensing declaration option only):

Licensing See Text Below for Licensing Declaration
Licensing information, comments, notes, or URL for further information

The British Broadcasting Corporation ("BBC") has one patent family identified here that includes one or more claims that the BBC believes may be essential for implementing technology set forth in "" ("Specification"), depending on the implementation selected by the implementer ("Essential Claims").

Should the Specification be adopted as a RFC, in the event that the Essential Claims are necessarily infringed by the implementation of the adopted Specification, the BBC agrees to grant to any party making such implementation ("Licensee") a licence ("Licence") to such Essential Claims under fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms and conditions, on condition that the Licensee grants to the BBC and its subsidiaries a reciprocal licence to any patented claims in the Licensee's ownership or control which may be essential for implementation of the Specification in products and services offered by the BBC and its subsidiaries. The Licence may be terminated with immediate effect by the BBC if the Licensee initiates a claim of patent infringement, directly or indirectly, against the BBC or its subsidiaries in relation to the Specification.

Note: The individual submitting this template represents and warrants that he or she is authorized by the Patent Holder to agree to the above-selected licensing declaration.

VII. Contact Information of Submitter of this Form

Submitter name Richard Bradbury
Submitter email

VIII. Other Notes

Additional notes

For some reason, the form rejected the correct patent title "Content delivery" (too short maybe?), so I added the name of the patent category in parentheses to make it longer.

Only those sections of the relevant entry form where the submitter provided information are displayed above.