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History for IPR disclosure
Digital Fountain, Inc.'s general license statement

Date Type By Text
2005-07-29 MsgOut (System)
Date: 2005-07-29 15:32:13+00:00
From: IETF Secretariat <>
To: charlieo@digitalfountain.
Subject: Posting of Updated IPR Disclosure

Dear Charlie Oppenheimer: Your IPR disclosure entitled "Digital Fountain, Inc.'s general license statement" has been posted on the "IETF Page of Intellectual Property Rights Disclosures" ( Your IPR disclosure updates IPR disclosure ID #197, "Digital Fountain's General License Statement," which was posted on 2002-06-13 The IETF Secretariat
2005-07-27 Posted (System) IPR Disclosure Posted
2005-07-27 Submitted (System) IPR Disclosure Submitted