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Liaison statement
Opportunistic Wireless Encryption

Additional information about IETF liaison relationships is available on the IETF webpage and the Internet Architecture Board liaison webpage.
State Posted
Submitted Date 2016-07-28
From Group SEC
From Contact Dan Romascanu
To Group IEEE-802-11
To Contacts
Adrian Stephens <>
Cc The IETF Chair <>
Sean Turner <>
Stephen Farrell <>
Kathleen Moriarty <>
Response Contact Stephen Farrell <>
Kathleen Moriarty <>
Technical Contact
Purpose For information
Attachments (None)
As previously discussed between IETF and IEEE liaisons, and
independently in both organizations, the IETF has received a
proposal from individual submitters to develop an RFC on
Opportunistic Wireless Encryption (OWE).  The OWE Internet-Draft [1]
if approved will require two assignments from IEEE 802.11 ANA to
advance to RFC status. As the area director who has been asked to
sponsor the OWE Internet-Draft I would like to request that the
IEEE 802.11 ANA consider assigning an 'Authentication and Key
Management Suite (AKM)' to indicate OWE in an AP's beacons and
probe responses and an Element to convey Diffie-Hellman public
keys during the OWE exchange.

Should you have any questions in this regard please feel free to
contact me or the proponents of [1] who will be happy to try
address any concerns. I will also be happy to ensure (via our
normal liaison co-ordination process) that we keep IEEE 802 up to
date on the progress of the document so that we continue to
ensure that this work causes no conflict between our various
work programs.

    thank you and best regards,

    Stephen Farrell
    Security AD IETF