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Liaison statement
Re: Ethertype for long LLC frames

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2017-06-19
From Group isis
From Contact Russ Housley
To Group IEEE-802-1
To Contacts Paul Nikolich <>
Glen Parsons <>
John Messenger <>
Cc Alvaro Retana <>
Deborah Brungard <>
Christian Hopps <>
Alia Atlas <>
IS-IS for IP Internets Discussion List <>
Hannes Gredler <>
Eric Gray <>
Response Contact Hannes Gredler <>
Christian Hopps <>
Purpose In response
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Liaisons referred by this one Ethertype for long LLC frames

Thank you very much for your liaison on March 25.  We are happy to learn that
IEEE now has a standard, IEEE Std 802.1AC-2016, for encoding LLC frames and
that its use appears to be exactly as described in draft-ietf-isis-ext-eth-01. 
There are a large number of pre-standard implementations and deployments of
this functionality.

With informal discussion, we were able to determine the current owner of
EtherType 88-70 and have what we believe is the necessary statement so that
this EtherType is now available for this functionality.  I would like to thank
both Yaakov Stein, CTO RAD and David Aviv, CTO Radware, for making this happen.
 As these types of challenges come up and have large impact, we would prefer to
learn of them earlier so that we can try and assist sooner in the process.

We are quite concerned about the allocation of a new EtherType given the
extremely large deployment of this pre-standard common feature.  We would
encourage the IEEE 802.1 Working Group to strongly consider updating IEEE Std
802.1AC to use the deployed EtherType 88-70 that is now available for this

The ISIS Working Group does not currently see that it has additional work now
that IEEE Std 802.1AC-2016 is available.

Warmest regards,
   Alia Atlas, IETF Routing Area Director
   Chris Hopps, ISIS Working Group Chair
   Hannes Gredler, ISIS Working Group Chair