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Liaison statement

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2019-01-10
From Group lsvr
From Contact Gunter Van de Velde
To Group IEEE
To Contacts
Cc Deborah Brungard <>
Victor Kuarsingh <>
Link State Vector Routing Discussion List <>
Martin Vigoureux <>
Alvaro Retana <>
Gunter Van de Velde <>
Response Contact Gunter Van de Velde <>
Victor Kuarsingh <>
Purpose For information
Attachments (None)
Liaisons referring to this one Liaison response to IETF LSVR WG Work on LSoE (Link neighbor, liveness and encapsulation discovery)

We would like to draw your attention to a topic that has been raised in the
IETF’s Link State Vector Routing Protocol (LSVR) working Group.

Used in Massive Data Centers (MDCs), LSVR (Link State Vector Routing) and
similar protocols need link neighbor discovery, link encapsulation data, and
Layer 2 liveness. The initial LSVR
( protocol
development does not standardize a discovery and liveness technology, however
LSVR relies heavily on such technology.  The Link State Over Ethernet (LSoE)
protocol provides link discovery, exchanges supported encapsulations (IPv4,
IPv6, ...), discovers encapsulation addresses (Layer 3 / MPLS identifiers) over
raw Ethernet, and provides layer 2 liveness checking. The development of LSoE
is initially focused around the LSVR protocol requirements for operation in

The LSoE (Link State over Ethernet) technology has been documented in an
individual contribution and posted as a work item in the IETF LSVR Working
Group []

During the IEEE and IETF Coordination meeting on November 9th there was a first
high level LSoE introduction, with a more technological follow-up overview
during the November 10th IEEE802/IETF Workshop on Data Center Networks

LSoE is not currently an adopted working group item, and it falls adjacent to
the current scope of the LSVR working group's charter
( However, we are progressing a
WG adoption call
[] and
anticipate that there will be ongoing discussion of the topic at the IETF's
meeting in Prague during the week of March 23rd, 2019.

At this stage we welcome your views on the topic, and (of course) welcome
participation at the meeting in Prague or on the LSVR working group's mailing
list, which can be accessed from the charter page (above).

We will continue to provide updates through the IEEE IETF Coordination Group.

Kind Regards,

Gunter Van de Velde & Victor Kuarsingh