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Status of MEF IP Services Projects

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Submitted Date 2019-02-13
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Following the previous liaisons between our organizations, we would like to
provide an update on the status of the active projects in MEF that relate to IP
Services. There are four active projects:

IP Service Attributes. This project is defining the generic Service Attributes
that are agreed between the provider and user of an IP Service, to describe the
service being provided. MEF 61, covering Service Attributes for Subscriber IP
Services (for end users), was published in April 2018. We have since been
working on a revision to this standard, to add support for wholesale IP
Services between Operators. An Approved Draft of the revision was included in
an earlier liaison, and a Letter Ballot (final approval) has now been
initiated. Publication of the revision is expected in Q2 2019.

IP Service Definitions. This project is defining a number of specific IP
Services, based on the Service Attributes defined in MEF 61. The initial phase
is focusing on two forms of Internet Access Service: Consumer-grade Internet
Access, and Commercial-grade Internet Access. A later phase will also define
one or more IP-VPN Services. A Letter Ballot (final approval) on the first
phase is expected to be initiated in April 2019, with publication to follow in
the Summer.

Service OAM for IP Services. This project is defining how Fault Management and
Performance Monitoring can be performed for IP Services (based on techniques
and protocols defined in IETF). Fault Management is based on ping, traceroute,
and BFD. Performance Monitoring is based on TWAMP, TWAMP-light and STAMP. The
initial phase is focusing on Subscriber IP Services, and a Draft Standard
release of this document is available on the MEF public web site (see below).
We would welcome any comments you have on this Draft Standard. A Letter Ballot
(final approval) is expected to be initiated in April 2019, therefore we would
request that you send any comments by the end of March 2019.

Service Activation Testing for IP Services. This project is defining a
methodology for Service Activation Testing of IP Services. The initial phase
again focuses on Subscriber IP Services, based on the Service Attributes in MEF
61. A later phase will cover IP Services between Operators. A Draft Standard
for review is expected to be available in Spring 2019.

Note that MEF has replaced our previous mechanism of "Approved Drafts", which
were shared only with liaison partners and could be accessed using a username
and password, with a mechanism of Draft Standards, which are published on the
MEF web site. Current Draft Standards can be found at Published MEF Standards can be found, as
always, at

The forthcoming MEF meetings are:
29 April - 2 May, 2019 - Dubrovnik, Croatia
29 July - 1 August, 2019 - North America