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Liaison statement
Quality Experience Delivered program

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2020-04-24
From Contact Lincoln Lavoie
To Group ippm
To Contacts Tommy Pauly <>
Ian Swett <>
Cc Ian Swett <>
Magnus Westerlund <>
IP Performance Measurement Discussion List <>
Tommy Pauly <>
Dave Sinicrope <>
Martin Duke <>
Liaisons at BBF <>
Lincoln Lavoie <>
Robin Mersh <>
April Nowicki <>
Greg Mirsky <>
Secretariat of ITU-T SG12 <>
Curtis Knittle <>
Karthik Sundaresan <>
Greg White <>
Response Contact
Purpose For information
Attachments LIAISE-386-04
There is increasing interest across the industry in better understanding,
measuring and managing the effects of statistical multiplexing, particularly as
it impacts latency. We are aware of your efforts in this direction and believe
that you will be interested to know that the Broadband Forum has an ongoing
program of work relating to this within the Performance, Experience, and
Application Testing (PEAT) project stream under the Access and Transport
Architecture Work Area. This program is called “Quality Experience Delivered”,
and is outlined in the Broadband Forum Marketing Report MR-452.1: Motivation
for Quality Verified Broadband Services, which can be accessed here: 452.1.pdf.

The Broadband Forum is developing further Marketing Reports on this topic, and
also a number of Technical Reports that will provide normative recommendations.
These Technical Reports will cover: •  A reference model for quality
attenuation measurements to set requirements against and define
interoperability; •  A set of specifications for performing quality attenuation
measurements in a ‘frictionless’ way, using established mechanisms (e.g.
TR-390); •  A definition of a conformance test to establish the correctness of
a quality attenuation measurement implementation.

We anticipate starting the approval process in May.

For further information contact


Lincoln Lavoie,
Broadband Forum Technical Committee Chair