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Liaison statement
LS on port allocation for the W1 interface

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2020-07-16
From Group 3GPP-TSG-CT
From Contact Susanna Kooistra
To Group IESG
To Contacts Vishnu Pavan Beeram <>
Lou Berger <>
Cc Lou Berger <>
Alvaro Retana <>
Traffic Engineering Architecture and Signaling Discussion List <>
Martin Vigoureux <>
Deborah Brungard <>
Vishnu Beeram <>
Purpose For information
Attachments CP-201349_LS to IESG on port allocation
Liaisons referring to this one Reply LS on port allocation for the W1 interface
1. Overall Description:

The 3GPP Technical Specification Groups (responsible of the technical
specification development work within 3GPP) have decided to undertake a
specific work in Rel-17 on the specification of alternative solutions for port
allocation for new 3GPP interfaces from Rel-17 onwards, that will avoid future
IANA port number assignment requests for network internal services. The
description of the corresponding 3GPP Work Item should be discussed and
approved in Sept 2020.

The solutions that will be defined in Rel-17 will not be ready for many months
and therefore cannot be applied to the W1 interface. Instead due to more urgent
timescales, 3GPP needs the approval of the IANA port number assignment request
for the W1 interface (IANA#1172452) and asks the IESG to take account of the
present situation and give the request due consideration.

2. Actions:
To IESG group
ACTION:         3GPP kindly asks IESG to approve the IANA request.

3. Date of Next CT Meetings:
3GPP TSG CT #89e        September 2020  e-Meeting