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Liaison statement
LS on ATSSS Phase 2 Requirements to IETF QUIC Working Group

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2020-09-24
From Group 3GPP-TSGSA-SA2
From Contact Susanna Kooistra
To Group quic
To Contacts Mark Nottingham <>
Lars Eggert <>
Lucas Pardue <>
Cc QUIC Discussion List <>
Lucas Pardue <>
Magnus Westerlund <>
Martin Duke <>
Mark Nottingham <>
Lars Eggert <>
Gonzalo Camarillo <>
The IETF <>
Response Contact
Purpose For information
Attachments S2-2006331 was 5185 eATSSS LS to IETFr07
Liaisons referring to this one Response to "LS on ATSSS Phase 2 Requirements to IETF QUIC Working Group"
1. Overall Description:
3GPP was encouraged by IETF QUIC Working Group in last liaison exchange on May
2020 to keep IETF informed of the requirements for QUIC/MP-QUIC related
protocols and extensions.  Since then, 3GPP ATSSS Phase-2 study has made
significant progress and identified some important dependency on the work in

While 3GPP is working towards the conclusion of the study phase by 4Q2020,
dependencies and requirements have been identified on the QUIC/MP-QUIC
protocols and extensions development in IETF.  Hence, we would like to consult
with IETF with the following questions:

Qn-1: The target date on the conclusion of 3GPP ATSSS Ph2 study which includes
also the consideration to leverage the multipath support for connection
splitting capabilities is 4Q2020. 3GPP would like to consult with IETF on the
feasibility to have working group drafts on MP-QUIC protocols and extensions on
or before 1Q2021.

Qn-2: When enabling QUIC/MP-QUIC between UE (User Equipment) and UPF (User
Plane Function) in 3GPP 5G Core, would it be feasible to optionally disable
encryption in QUIC/MP-QUIC, in order to avoid multiple encryption layers?

2. Actions:
To IETF group:
ACTION: 3GPP SA2 kindly requests IETF to take the above information into
account to provide us the feedback and to take our requirements into
considerations for future development.

3. Date of Next TSG-SA2 Meetings:
3GPP TSG SA2#141E       12th – 23rd October 2020        eMeeting
3GPP TSG SA2#142E       16th – 20th  November 2020      eMeeting