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Liaison statement
Response to "LS on ATSSS Phase 2 Requirements to IETF QUIC Working Group"

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2020-10-11
From Group quic
From Contact Lars Eggert
To Contacts
Cc Magnus Westerlund <>
Lars Eggert <>
QUIC Discussion List <>
Mark Nottingham <>
Lucas Pardue <>
Martin Duke <>
Gonzalo Camarillo <>
Response Contact Mark Nottingham <>
Lars Eggert <>
Lucas Pardue <>
Purpose In response
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Liaisons referred by this one LS on ATSSS Phase 2 Requirements to IETF QUIC Working Group
Thank you for the update on your progress and your questions. Please find our
responses below.

On Qn-1: The future of multipath support for QUIC is currently under active
discussion in the IETF QUIC working group. While it was part of the original
charter due to being under active investigation for the pre-IETF "Google QUIC"
protocol, several participants have argued during the last year that QUIC's
connection migration support is sufficient for the majority of our use cases,
and that full-blown support for multipath QUIC should consequently be abandoned
as a WG deliverable. Other WG participants remain of the opinion that multipath
support for QUIC is very important. Due to this active ongoing discussion, we do
not have an estimate at this time whether WG drafts for multipath QUIC will be
available in 1Q2021.

On Qn-2: The QUIC WG is chartered to provide an encrypted transport protocol.
An option to disable encryption will hence not be standardized.

Kind regards,
Mark Nottingham, Lucas Pardue and Lars Eggert, QUIC Working Group chairs