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Liaison statement
Response to "LS on ATSSS Phase 2 conclusions"

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2020-12-16
From Group quic
From Contact Lars Eggert
To Contacts
Cc QUIC WG Chairs <>
QUIC Discussion List <>
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Purpose In response
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Liaisons referred by this one LS on ATSSS Phase 2 conclusions
Thank you for the update on your architectural design and your
intended standardization timeline.

Multipath support for QUIC remains under active discussion in the IETF
QUIC working group. While multiple design proposals for such an
extension have been proposed, it remains uncertain for the time being
if the WG will come to consensus on adopting a work item on multipath
QUIC, and if so, which individual proposal it would be based on and
whether or not it would satisfy your architectural design. The WG is
open to presentations and discussions of experimental results to
better understand the design options and their trade-offs. Interested
parties may participate in the WG discussion by joining the mailing
list at

We unfortunately cannot predict whether the WG discussion on a
multipath extension for QUIC will have sufficiently progressed by
March 2021 for consensus to emerge. We will inform you of any
significant progress.