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Liaison statement
Reply to ITU-T SG12 LS - Harmonization of IP Capacity and Latency

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2021-05-21
From Group ippm
From Contact Tommy Pauly
To Group ITU-T-SG-12
To Contacts
Cc Scott Mansfield <>
Zaheduzzaman Sarker <> <>
IP Performance Measurement Discussion List <>
Tommy Pauly <>
Martin Duke <>
Ian Swett <>
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Response Contact Tommy Pauly <>
Ian Swett <>
Purpose In response
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Liaisons referred by this one LS on harmonization of IP Capacity and Latency Parameters: Consent of Draft Rec. Y.1540 on IP packet transfer performance parameters and New Annex A with Lab & Field Evaluation Plans
The IPPM Working Group in IETF thanks ITU-T SG12 for their liaison describing
progress on the Maximum IP-layer Capacity metric and methods in revised Rec.
Y.1540. The development of a coordinated specification has proceeded
successfully in IETF, with the benefit of the review by new experts
contributing at the working group and IESG level. The many lab and field test
results you shared have been a great asset, so we made references to your
results, as well as the testing conducted during Hackathons at recent IETF

The latest draft is available [0], which we expect to be approved shortly.

The next step appears to be development/enhancement of a test protocol to
support the measurement method with its feeback measurements and dynamic sender
rate control.

The IPPM Working Group continues to seek participation by all interested
parties, and will keep you informed of our progress on the topic of the Maximum
IP-layer Capacity metric and methods.


IPPM Chairs
Tommy Pauly (
Ian Swett (