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Liaison statement
LS on new work item on draft Recommendation ITU-T F.VG-VMA "Architecture of vehicular multimedia systems" [to various organizations]

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2021-06-02
From Group ITU-T-SG-16
From Contact Simão Ferraz de Campos
To Group ipwave
To Contacts Carlos Bernardos <>
Russ Housley <>
Cc Erik Kline <>
Russ Housley <>
Éric Vyncke <>
IP Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments Discussion List <>
Carlos Bernardos <> <>
Scott Mansfield <>
Response Contact
Purpose For information
Attachments ls248-16-Att.1-Clean_T17-SG16-210419-TD-WP2-0393!!MSW-E
ITU-T Study Group 16 would like to inform you that during the ITU-T SG16
meeting, 19-30 April 2021, we have initiated a new work item for a draft new
Recommendation: F.VM-VMA "Architecture of Vehicular Multimedia Systems". The
baseline document for the new work item F.VM-VMA is attached to this liaison
statement. Please note that this baseline document is based on the ITU-T Focus
Group on Vehicular Multimedia Technical Report FG-VM-02 "Architecture of
Vehicle Multimedia Systems" which was sent out to your organization previously
by the ITU-T Focus Group on Vehicular Multimedia and has been improved in this
SG-16 meeting.

We would appreciate to receive your comments and/or considerations regarding
the new work item F.VM-VMA and are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation on
this matter.