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Liaison statement
Liaison on a YANG Data Model for a Keystore

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2021-10-15
From Group IEEE-802-1
From Contact Glenn Parsons
To Group IETF
To Contacts The IETF Chair <>
Cc The IETF Chair <>
The IESG <>
Paul Nikolich <>
Karen Randall <>
Jodi Haasz <>
Russ Housley <>
Dorothy Stanley <>
Response Contact Jessy Rouyer <>
Glenn Parsons <>
Mick Seaman <>
Purpose For action
Deadline 2021-12-10 Action Needed
Attachments liaison-ietf-YANGkeystore-0921-v02
The IEEE 802.1 Security Task Group reviewed the Internet-Draft A YANG Data
Model for a Keystore
( ).

In this draft, a number of items are identified as truly optional MAY; it would
appear that some of these items would override restrictions in other security
standards. For example, in Section 3, Support for Built-in Keys, there is
discussion about copying the built-in keys; however this is restricted by IEEE
Std 802.1AR. The draft should be clear that where provisions of referenced
security standards appear to conflict or restrict the operations described in
the draft, those other security standards take precedence.

The certificate encoding specified does not appear to use any standard encoding
(e.g., DER/BER). It also might be useful to reference a standard key wrap or
specifier for a standard key wrap algorithm for transporting both symmetric and
asymmetric keys.

There is an updated standard IEEE Std 802.1AR, Secure Device Identity, which is
IEEE Std 802.1AR- 2018. And there are extraneous letters (i.e., Group, W. -. H.
L. L. P. W.) in the reference for [Std- 802.1AR-2009] which should be removed.

Thank you for your consideration of these matters, and we welcome continued
collaboration going forward.