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Liaison statement
LS on the creation of new work items H.IPTV-OpMcast and F.ILMTS-Reqs [to ITU-T SG9, SG13, IRG-AVA; IEC TC100, IETF IESG, ASTAP EG-MA]

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2022-02-08
From Group ITU-T-SG-16
From Contact Simão Ferraz de Campos
To Group IESG
To Contacts The IESG <>
Cc The IETF Chair <>
The IESG <> <>
Scott Mansfield <>
Purpose For information
Attachments ls285-Att.2_T17-SG16-220117-TD-WP1-0509!!MSW-E.pdf
ITU-T Study Group 16, Working Party 1 (WP1/16), Question 13 (Q13/16) would like
to inform you that ITU-T Q13/16 created the following new work items during the
ITU-T SG16 meeting (Online, 17-28 January 2022). These new work items aim to
specify requirements and architecture for IPTV multicast service exposure and
interactive low-latency multimedia transmission system over the Internet. The
scope of these draft Recommendations include, but are not limited to:

–       Draft New Recommendation ITU-T H.IPTV-OpMcast specifies the
requirements and the architecture for the open IPTV multicast service, which
includes: o       Requirements and architecture of the dedicated open IPTV
multicast service system; o       Requirements and scenarios for IPTV multicast
network capability exposing; o       Related reference points and procedure

–       Draft New Recommendation ITU-T F.ILMTS-reqs specifies the requirements
and the architecture of the interactive low-latency multimedia transmission
system over the Internet (ILMTS), which includes: o       Hybrid network
structure combining hierarchy and peer-to-peer (P2P) networking architecture; o
      Two-way interactive multimedia network application scenarios; o      
Requirements for ILMTS including management, accounting, performance,
scalability and so on.

ITU-T SG16 kindly asks you to share with us any relevant works you may have in
these matters. ITU-T SG16 looks forward to keeping continued collaboration with
your organization about multimedia and digital services standardization
including service delivery (CDN) and IPTV.

For your information, ITU-T Q13/16 will meet again in a Rapporteur Group
meeting, planned to June 2022 timeframe (dates and venue to be confirmed).
Further information about SG16 can be found at