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Liaison statement
LS on the consent of draft new Recommendation ITU-T Q.3406 (ex Q.telemetry-VBNS)

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2022-07-21
From Group ITU-T-SG-11
From Contact Denis ANDREEV
To Group opsawg
To Contacts Henk Birkholz <>
Joe Clarke <>
Tianran Zhou <>
Cc Operations and Management Area Working Group Discussion List <>
Warren Kumari <>
Tianran Zhou <>
Henk Birkholz <>
Scott Mansfield <>
Joe Clarke <>
Robert Wilton <> <>
Response Contact Tatiana Kurakova <>
Purpose For information
Attachments SG11-LS16-Att1
This liaison statement introduces the latest consented work on global
management framework of distributed cloud. At the ITU-T Study Group 11 plenary
meeting in July 2022, the following draft new Recommendation has been consented:

ITU-T Q.3406 (ex Q.telemetry-VBNS) “Signalling requirements for telemetry of
virtual broadband network services”. This draft Recommendation specifies the
signalling requirements for telemetry of virtual broadband network services, by
architecturally adding the dedicated functional component and the corresponding
interfaces in NFV framework. The consented draft is contained in

We would like to collaborate with you on this topic and hope you can share with
us your works related to similar studies in this area.