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For Information: Quality Experience Delivered program new specification

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Submitted Date 2022-11-16
From Contact Lincoln Lavoie
To Groups bmwg, IAB, ippm, RTG
To Contacts Alvaro Retana <>
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Purpose For information
Attachments LIAISE-557-CONTRIB-23591-03
There is increasing interest across the industry in better understanding,
measuring, and managing latency and other quality metrics, for example, the
September 2021 IAB workshop on Measuring Network Quality for End Users (RFC
9318). We have previously noted that the Broadband Forum has an ongoing program
of work called “Quality Experience Delivered” relating to this within the
Performance, Experience, and Application Testing (PEAT) project stream. This
program has previously produced a specification TR-452.1, entitled “Quality
Attenuation Measurement Architecture and Requirements”, which can be accessed
here: This
specification details the overall approach, a generic approach to measurement
of latency and its decomposition into meaningful components, and a number of

A recent strand of work has concluded with the publication of a new
specification TR-452.2, entitled “Quality Attenuation Measurements using Active
Test Protocols” which can be accessed here: This allows
the approach to be applied much more widely at low cost by leveraging existing
protocol capabilities (for example in CPE devices) such as TWAMP or STAMP. This
opens up new use-cases beyond network design and lab evaluation such as
pro-active sampling of network performance and support for customer service

For further information contact

Lincoln Lavoie
Broadband Forum Technical Committee Chair

Ken Ko, BBF Managing Director <>
April Nowicki, BBF Member Support Manager <>
David Sinicrope, BBF ATA Work Area Director <>
Greg Mirsky, BBF PEAT Project Stream Lead <>
Curtis Knittle, Vice President of Wired Technologies - Cablelabs
<> Karthik Sundaresan, Principal Architect - Cablelabs
<> Greg White, Distinguished Technologist - Cablelabs
<> Al Morton, Chairman WP3/12 <>
Liaisons at BBF <> Statements at IETF
<> Secretariat of ITU-T SG12 <>

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