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Liaison statement
Clarification of ITU-T G.698.2 (11/2018) application codes

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2023-02-01
From Group ccamp
From Contact Scott Mansfield
To Group ITU-T-SG-15-Q6
To Contacts
Cc Alvaro Retana <>
Scott Mansfield <>
Andrew Alston <>
Common Control and Measurement Plane Discussion List <>
Daniele Ceccarelli <>
Fatai Zhang <>
Luis Contreras <> <>
John Scudder <>
Response Contact Daniele Ceccarelli <>
Fatai Zhang <>
Luis Contreras <>
Technical Contact
Purpose For action
Deadline 2023-03-25 Action Taken
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CCAMP is asking for a clarification related to Rec. ITU-T G.698.2 (11/2018)
application codes. Applications are defined using optical interface parameters
at the single-channel connection points between optical transmitters and the
optical multiplexer, as well as between optical receivers and the optical
demultiplexer in the DWDM system. Table 8-7 defines Bit rate/line coding of
optical tributary signals for DP-DQPSK 100G applications and specifies
“OTL4.4-SC or FOIC1.4-SC.

We observed that OTL4.4-SC and FOIC1.4-SC are incompatible with each other but
share the same application code. This ambiguity could lead to incompatibility
of optical interface specifications towards the realization of transversely
compatible dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) systems. We were
wondering if our interpretation is correct and if so, wouldn't different
application codes be needed to make sure that only compatible transmitters and
receivers are used?

We appreciate your support to interpret Table 8-7 to avoid incompatibility
issues when using Application Codes.

Thank You