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Liaison statement
LS/r on Quality Experience Delivered program new specification (reply to Broadbandforum-LS167)

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2023-02-07
From Group ITU-T-SG-12
From Contact Martin Adolph
To Group ippm
To Contacts Marcus Ihlar <>
Tommy Pauly <>
Cc Tommy Pauly <> <>
Martin Duke <>
Scott Mansfield <>
Zaheduzzaman Sarker <>
IP Performance Measurement Discussion List <>
Marcus Ihlar <>
Response Contact Al Morton <>
Purpose For information
Attachments sp17-sg12-oLS-00036
SG12 feedback on BBF Quality Experience Delivered and progress of work in

SG12 thanks BBF (ATA-PEAT program stream) for your liaison statement concerning
a new specification on Quality Experience Delivered (QED).

SG12 understands the QED work program and current plans.

At our January 2023 meeting, Q17/12 received several contributions describing
the capabilities of the UDPST protocol.

The contributions included the possibility that the UDPST utility will be able
to make the necessary measurements for QED analysis soon. UDPST code can
already generate a QED-compliant packet stream. We list all four of the UDPST
protocol measurements below:

1. Maximum IP-Layer Capacity Parameter and Method of Measurement (UDP-based
test) 2. Latency under Maximum IP-Layer Load, a.k.a. Working Latency or
Responsiveness 3. Draft ITU-T G.1051 (former G.IntAct) Traffic stream
generation and computation of interactivity factor (which is a new
Recommendation from SG12). 4. BBF Quality Experience Delivered (QED) Traffic
stream generation, with selected computation to follow.

Many measurement applications available are now making Latency under Load
measurements, including Ookla Speedtest, Apple NetworkQuality,
go-responsiveness, and SamKnows whiteboxes.

At this meeting SG12 has taken-up work on a New Recommendation on Latency Under
Load Measurements, designated Y.LUL.

We noted during our meeting that the UDPST protocol is described here:

We welcome your comments and participation in this new work, or any aspect of
our work plan.

We look forward to fruitful collaboration.