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Liaison statement
LS on definition of CitiVerse

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2024-04-17
From Group ITU-T-FG-MV
From Contact
To Group IETF
To Contacts The IETF Chair <>
Cc The IETF Chair <>
The IESG <>
Response Contact
Purpose For action
Deadline 2024-05-03 Action Needed
Attachments ls42-attach
Abstract: This liaison statement contains a request from the ITU Focus Group on
metaverse (FG-MV) for entities to provide input and comments on the preliminary
definition of CitiVerse.

The ITU Focus Group on metaverse (FG-MV) would like to inform your organization
that the Focus Group is developing a definition of CitiVerse.

The preliminary definition is as follows:

Application of metaverse in urban spaces and populations.

NOTE 1: metaverse is defined as an integrative ecosystem of virtual worlds
offering immersive experiences to users, that modify pre-existing and create
new value from economic, environmental, social and cultural perspectives

NOTE 2: Urban is defined as of, relating to, characteristic of, or constituting
a city [b-Webster/urban].

NOTE 3: CitiVerse offers unique value relating to cities and city community
concerns from administrative and political perspectives.

FG-MV would like to kindly request your input and comments on this definition
by 3 May 2024, and looks forward to collaborating with your organization on
this topic.

 Draft Technical Specification on Definition of CitiVerse