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Liaison statement
Response to "LS on initiation of a new work item ITU-T Y.FunArch-INSA-FL"

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2024-04-23
From Group nmop
From Contact Scott Mansfield
To Group ITU-T-SG-13
To Contacts
Cc Network Management Operations Discussion List <>
Mahesh Jethanandani <>
Mohamed Boucadair <>
Scott Mansfield <>
Warren Kumari <>
Benoît Claise <>
Response Contact Mohamed Boucadair <>
Benoît Claise <>
Technical Contact Mohamed Boucadair <>
Purpose For comment
Deadline 2024-07-20 Action Needed
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Liaisons referred by this one LS on initiation of a new work item ITU-T Y.FunArch-INSA-FL “Functional architecture for intelligent awareness of network status based on federated learning”
We would like to thank the ITU for informing us about the ongoing INSA work
[1], as it relates to “Functional architecture for intelligent awareness of
network status based on federated learning”.

For your information, the IETF has chartered a new Working Group (WG) on
Network Management OPerations (NMOP WG) [2]. The WG focuses on solving network
management problems faced by soliciting input from operators on operational
issues arising from deployment of network management technologies, having
discussions and conducting experiments including the wider network management
ecosystem as it relates to management protocols defined by IETF.

The NMOP WG encourages the use of NMOP WG mailing list [3] as the most
effective and expedient way of exchanging information, answering questions, and
progressing any work. It will consider presentation requests from the ITU group
that describe issues that you experience when operationalizing the INSA model,
including, but not limited to, integrating and consuming existing data models.
Such issues can also be shared during formal WG meetings. Requests for
presentations can be sent to the NMOP Chairs [4].

Following is the schedule of upcoming IETF meetings [5]:

- 20 July 2024 - 26 July 2024, Vancouver Canada
- 02 Nov 2024 - 08 Nov 2024, Dublin Ireland

We look forward to participation from the ITU on the NMOP WG mailing list and
meetings from those in ITU interested in the work being done by the WG.

NMOP Chairs & Area Director

Mohamed Boucadair, Benoît Claise, Mahesh Jethanandani