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Liaison statement
LS on RFC 9374, "DRIP Entity Tag (DET) for Unmanned Aircraft System Remote ID (UAS RID)"

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2024-04-24
From Group drip
From Contact Charles Eckel
To Contacts Susanna Kooistra <>
Peter Schmitt <>
Cc Drone Remote ID Protocol Discussion List <>
Éric Vyncke <>
Erik Kline <>
Mohamed Boucadair <>
Daniel Migault <>
Response Contact Daniel Migault <>
Mohamed Boucadair <>
Purpose For information
Attachments LS on RFC 9374, "DRIP Entity Tag (DET) for Unmanned Aircraft System Remote ID (UAS RID)"
1. Description

The IETF Drone Remote ID Protocol Working Group (DRIP WG) [1] would like to
inform 3GPP about "DRIP Entity Tag (DET) for Unmanned Aircraft System Remote ID
(UAS RID)" [2], which specifies the use of self-asserting IPv6 addresses as a
trustable identifier for use as the Unmanned Aircraft System Remote
Identification (UAS RID). The IETF DRIP WG believes that the DET may be used as
the 3GPP CAA (Civil Aviation Administration)-Level UAV ID for RID purposes.

The IETF DRIP WG also edited "Drone Remote Identification Protocol (DRIP)
Architecture" [3], an informational document that describes an architecture for
protocols and services to support UAS RID. This architecture covers both
Broadcast RID and Network RID.

The IETF DRIP WG would also like to inform 3GPP about the following related
specifications: •       "Drone Remote Identification Protocol (DRIP)
Requirements and Terminology" [4] •       "DRIP Entity Tag Authentication
Formats & Protocols for Broadcast Remote ID" [5] •       "DRIP Entity Tag (DET)
Identity Management Architecture" [6] [5] is currently in the RFC Editor queue
and will be published as an RFC in the coming two months.

2. Upcoming Meetings

IETF 120 20-26 July 2024, Vancouver, Canada
IETF 121 2-8 November 2024, Dublin, Ireland

3. References