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Liaison statement
IETF Network Management OPerations Working Group LS to TMF on "TMF724A Incident Management API Profile"

Additional information about IETF liaison relationships is available on the IETF webpage and the Internet Architecture Board liaison webpage.
State Posted
Submitted Date 2024-05-07
From Group nmop
From Contact Mohamed Boucadair
To Contacts <>
Cc Mahesh Jethanandani <>
Warren Kumari <>
Network Management Operations Discussion List <>
Benoît Claise <>
Mohamed Boucadair <>
Response Contact Mohamed Boucadair <>
Benoît Claise <>
Technical Contact
Purpose For action
Deadline 2024-07-15 Action Needed
Attachments PDF version of the LS
The IETF Network Management OPerations Working Group (NMOP WG) [1] was recently
chartered by the IETF to focus on network management operations. The current
topics of focus for the NMOP WG are as follows:

* NETCONF/YANG Push integration with Apache Kafka & time series databases

* Anomaly detection and incident management

* Issues related to deployment/usage of YANG topology modules (e.g., to model a
Digital Map)

* Consider/plan an approach for RFC 3535-next (i.e., collecting updated
operator requirements for IETF network management solutions)

The NMOP WG would like to inform the TMF that the Working Group adopted the
following documents as the basis for continued work and development towards
consensus documents that may be published as RFCs at some time in the future:

* A terminology document for anomaly and incident management [2]

* A YANG model for network incident management [3]

The NMOP WG believes that this work might be relevant to the ongoing "TMF724A
Incident Management API Profile" [4] and would like to coordinate ongoing
efforts in both the IETF and TMF early in the standardization process. Such
coordination is meant to ensure that produced specifications are complementary
and soften overlapping areas (if any).

To that aim, the NMOP WG would appreciate if the TMF can provide a copy of
"TMF724A Incident Management API Profile" specification that can be made
available to the IETF participants.

We look forward fruitful collaboration between TMF and NMOP WG.

Note that the NMOP WG encourages the use of NMOP WG mailing list [5] as the
most effective and expedient way of exchanging information, answering
questions, and clarifying concerns. Also, the NMOP WG is welcoming
presentations from TMF on these matters. Requests for presentations can be sent
to the NMOP Chairs [5].

Following is the schedule of upcoming IETF meetings [6]:

* 20 July 2024 - 26 July 2024, Vancouver Canada (with online participation)

* 02 Nov 2024 - 08 Nov 2024, Dublin Ireland (with online participation)

NMOP Chairs & Area Director

Mohamed Boucadair, Benoît Claise, & Mahesh Jethanandani