Liaison statement
OMA LS 0113 on Mobile EMAIL to the IETF LEMONADE WG

State Posted
Submitted Date 2006-06-15
From Group OMA
From Contact Dean Willis
To Group lemonade
To Contacts Glenn Parsons
Eric Burger
CcTed Hardie
Lisa Dusseault
Response Contact Yaacov Weingarten (Jerry)
Technical Contact Yaacov Weingarten (Jerry)
Purpose For comment
Deadline 2006-08-21 Action Taken
Attachments Liaison Statement in Original Microsoft Word .DOC format
1       Overview

This liaison is in response to the update that was received from IETF LEMONADE

2       Proposal

OMA MWG-MEM thanks IETF LEMONADE for their update of the activity within their
work group.

OMA MWG-MEM appreciates that there is a need to address the different
notifications that need to be defined and the corresponding information that
needs to be included for each of the notifications.  MEM has begun to address a
list of notifications that should be generated by the MEM Server for outband
notification and the required information objects.  MWG-MEM will interface with
BAC-Push in order to update the EMN notification payload appropriately and
advise IETF-LEMONADE of when such an update can be made available. Regarding
presentation of the TS that is being developed in MWG-MEM for the realization
of the MEM Enabler using the LEMONADE extensions, MWG-MEM will be happy to
provide this through a presentation at one of your upcoming meetings, most
likely the Oct interim meeting.

In regards to the interoperability event that IETF is planning, MWG-MEM would
be interested in receiving the results from this event.  This proposal will be
conveyed to our Interoperability Group (OMA-IOP).  OMA organizes
interoperability events based on completed and approved specifications and test
descriptions that are generated from the TS and their accompanying SCR tables. 
It is our opinion that the results of such an IETF interoperability would be
helpful in identifying the parts of the MEM LEMONADE realization that would
need additional IOP testing as part of the OMA Test Fests. OMA MWG-MEM will
hold its next meeting on 21-23 Aug in Beijing, China

3       Requested Action(s)

We request the IETF LEMONADE Working Group to consider this information.

4       Conclusion

OMA MWG-MEM SWG wishes to thank the IETF LEMONADE WG for its update liaison.
OMA MWG-MEM looks forward to continued collaboration with the IETF LEMONADE WG.
Finally, OMA MWG-MEM wishes to thank the IETF LEMONADE WG for its kind
consideration of this liaison.