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Liaison statement
Response to “MPLS-TP OAM Analysis draft review” (ref # 041.03)

State Posted
Submitted Date 2010-11-27
From Group mpls
From Contact Loa Andersson
To Group ITU-T-SG-15-Q10
To Contacts
Response Contact
Technical Contact
Purpose For information
Attachments (None)
Thank you for your comments on the “MPLS-TP OAM Analysis” Internet-Draft.
Since your liaison indicates that there is no ITU-T consensus on the
comments in the liaison, the document editors will go ahead and update
the document according to normal IETF process considering all of the comments
received in the MPLS working group last call, from the ITU-T, and from third
parties, before requesting publication. The authors will also try to clarify
the scope and intention of the document.

Loa Andersson
George Swallow

MPLS Working Group co-chairs