T2TRG IETF 100 Summary meeting agenda

Tuesday, November 14, 2017, 15:50..17:50 SGT (UTC+08:00), room Padang

Original at: https://github.com/t2trg/2017-ietf100

Time Who Subject Docs
15:50 Chairs Intro, RG Status draft-irtf-t2trg-iot-seccons draft-irtf-t2trg-rest-iot-00
16:00 Chairs Meeting reports Berlin, OCF
16:10 R. Moskowitz Small Crypto for Small IoT draft-moskowitz-small-crypto
16:35 Xavier de Foy, Dirk Kutscher Edge computing and IoT  
  Michael McBride Problem Statement of Edge Computing beyond Access Network for Industrial IoT draft-geng-iiot-edge-computing-problem-statement-00
17:10 Michael McCool (remote) WISHI: semantic interop of AVS and IoT  
17:40 Chairs Meeting Planning, Wrapup NDSS DISS CfP