Minutes of ICNRG Interim meeting Singapore, Singapore, November 12, 2017

Date: Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Time: 09:30 -- 12:00

Location: Raffles City Convention Center (IETF meeting venue)

Room: VIP A

Materials: https://datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/100/session/icnrg

Note taker: Prakash Suthar


1. chair shared agenda

2. Chair shared debrief from Sunday interim meeting. Following topics are


- ICN adaption layer on 802.15.4 (com - NRS implementation based on CCNx/CICN (ETRI proof of concepts)

- Name resolution in ICN (Architecture design considerations) - Cisco will be really interested because it has implication in scalability and security

- Kafka stream and ICN (How ICN improves application layer messaging and processing)

- AR/VR and how ICN can play any role

- IOT and ICN


IoT and ICN discussion


IoT Naming - some reflections - Börje Ohlman (15 min)


Questions: What is the objective of the presentation.

Answer:  We want to have concensus and put together draft

Chair comment- Multiple names for same data. what does it mean by same. Is there any alternative to this.

Nacho - self certifying name for same data at different locations. This hashing can be same for same data. Federation of applications which can use different set of data by identifying structure of data. The system should be capable of interpreting and processing data by identifying schema

Börje - We need to document the use cases and use this information in global context.

Status update and discussion on revised Support for Notifications in CCN - Ravi Ravindran (15 min)


https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-ravi-icnrg-ccn-notification/ Status

 - No presentation made

Status update and discussion on ICN based Architecture for IoT - Ravi Ravindran (15 min)



 - No presentation made

Status update and discussion on Design Considerations for Applying ICN to IoT draft - Ravi Ravindran (15 min)



Ravi - Received lot of comments. It is merged into one draft >> design consideration Update

- It uses design consideration rather than requirements.

Motivated from IOT deployments and it provides open API for inter-operability.

IChanges in IOT architecture due to ICN. Scope of security is defined..

Chair asked if can we adopt as RG group. The feedback is YES. The chair will be

confirm on mailing list

Enabling ICN in 3GPP's 5G NextGen? Core Architecture - Ravi Ravindran, Prakash Suthar and GQ Wang (15 min)



First draft covering 5G core, network slicing and how ICN can be leveraged to

optimize overall architecture.

Q: ICN will be application which will not require any change in protocol.

A: ICN awareness is required in 5GC  which implies  feature support to

understand ICN based packet

Q: Is this group support standards work or what is the role, compared with

standards bodies. A (chair): Research impacting mobility management. The

audience for this draft is ICN community and if 3GPP can take it. Will there is

enough hooks in the 5GC to enable ICN like technology

Q: How are we going to map ICN in 5G core. what is view of network slicing.

Does ICN provide technology or ICN use network slicing A: Enable ICN in data

plane whihc impacting control plane

Q: 3GPP provides network slicing for Control plane slicing and not data plane

A: This draft doesn't impact any  control plane

Status update and discussion on revised ICN-LTE document: (15 min)


https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-suthar-icnrg-icn-lte-4g/ - Prakash Suthar

  Pre-presentation comment/question:

  Dirk: you can say what is the relation of your work with Ravi ?

  Prakash: discussions in cellular networks w.r.t. IP with non-IP; ICN may

  provide solution for non-IP - this draft is  more related to the current

  networks (also co-author of the 5G-ICN draft); [...] -we have a lab in Cisco

  where we actually experimenting work presented here, and we can demo


    Dirk: have you ever had feedback/question on this work in the non ICN

    community Prakash: Yes there is lot of interest in this research.

        - Presented in industry (Linux foundation, Ciscolive, IEEE RAFNET)

        - Presented at Ciscolive with very good feedback from service providers

        - Presented to the Linux Foundation (they are very interested into

        virtualization), there were 5/6  mobile operators - asked about the

        demo - Presented at IEEE Future internet Architecture (FIA), Torando -

        they did not think it was possible before coming to conference, We have

        showed the demo

    Dirk: who is in favour of adopting the draft (show of hands)

    ok, there is some of interest

    Dirk: we need to figure out how to proceed on this document

       (will) ask the question again on the mailing list,

Status update and discussion on revised ICN deployment Guidelines Document: (15 min)



- Akbar Rahman Draft revised  twice since last IETF with detailed feedback

Q (by AD): Is ICN at edge or there are more use cases

A: ICN can be run on either the edge or internal to the network, for example in a CDN or Data Center

Q (by AD): Right now some of the sections seem to imply that it is running mostly in the edge, so probably that has to be clarified

Q: Is this ICN/NDN only overlay over UDP

A: Yes for overlay cases. But for example, can run ICN directly over WiFi in campus network (ICN as underlay) and on top is IP.

Chair (Dave) asked if can we adopt as RG group. The feedback is YES. The chair will be confirm on mailing list

Network Coding for CCN & NDN - Kazuhisa Matsuzono (15 min)



Two presentations in last IETF (Low latency low loss streaming and NDN naming)

Q (Dave Oran): Is recoding inside security envelope

A (Presenter): No, because we need unencrypt

Q: (Alison) IRTF questions, are you working on network coding group, or will be

interesting in this group? A (Presenter): This is just use case for CCN.

Q (Alison): To chair. Do you want to focus on coding

A (Dave and other chair): We do not want to assume that ICN/NDN is immutable.

We want to look at coding fo make it more friendly. Is this to be owned by MCRG

or ICNRG?. WE will cooperate with coding group.

Multi-Service Tag (duanshihui):


https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-xia-icn-multiservtag/ (15 min)

Presenter:  Xia Yong

Q (Dave): if you look at existing ICN architecture naming convention is quite

clear. Knowing name is in sufficient about how content to be stored?. A

(Presenter): We are looking at some aspect how naming to be used for storing

the content

Wrap up - Chairs (5 min)


Future ICNRG meetings

Chair - We are open to have ICNRG interim. If you see any topic to be covered

please let us know Chair (Dave) -  we are looking for volunteer to host meeting

ICNRG @ IETF101, London


Sunday Interim?