- Agenda bashing 

 Rudigher needs more time

- Sandy has questions for router-keying

- Erica's presentation

 30% of prefixes validated/70% not found

 Prefixes are validated on Cisco Routers/Waiting on Timos

 328 professional traiined

 1150 Signed prefixes since first training


 Nap Colombia:

 50% not found

 46% valid

 5 % invalid


 93% not found

 5.3% valid

 1 % not valid


Origin Val at IXPs.

Legacy RS

757 v4 peers, 614 v6 peers

opt out filtering

Falcon RS  (Amsix)

201 v4 and 160 v6

opt in filtering

Lyonnix: 116 peers filtering

10% prefixes invalid

Problem statement and Considerations for ROA

July 4, 2017

Roas 7166, number of ROAS single prefix: 3307, multiple prefixes 3800+

37367 prefixes in 3859 ROAS. (Averate prefixes 9.68)

misconfiguration of ROAs with multiple prefixes a lot more dangerous and seroups issues

Frequent update of ROA leads to multiple bgp updates.

Extending RFC 8208

Get Reserved space for documentation and experimentation only for testing purpose.

Status on Signed Tal

      draft adopted as a wg dock.

      covers: RPKI Signed object containing TAL, Signal changing URIs and Signal planned key rolls

Should we cover pre-provisioning of new key n case access to current key is lost?

Open Mike:

    BGPSec for Sidrops

    missing relevant communications for folks involved in operating RPKI?

    Specific point: very limited communication where all CAs are publishing 0/0?

    very sparse communication...

    Randy: Shares the concern... not too optimistics about RIR

    RIR didnt have 0/0 trust anchor so they publish one? Chris asked.. and Randy says its correct. 

    problem is lack of discussion and lack of forum...

    Maybe we need some more monitoring and management stuff. Maybe we should write down and document if this is good or bad for.

    question of telling about how resources and details for CA operations are done has been raised for number of years and have not been answered. and it doesnt look good.

    maybe a point here is to ask RIR to see if they can do better communications.