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t2trg: Thing-to-Thing

Scheduled Sessions

Agenda, Minutes, and Bluesheets

Agenda IETF100: t2trg (agenda-100-t2trg)
Minutes IETF100: t2trg (minutes-100-t2trg)
Bluesheets IETF100: t2trg : Tue 15:50 (bluesheets-100-t2trg-201711141550)


Intro and RG status (slides-100-t2trg-intro-and-rg-status)
Small Crypto for Small IoT (slides-100-t2trg-small-crypto-for-small-iot)
IoT Edge Computing Survey and Gap Analysis (slides-100-t2trg-iot-edge-computing-survey-and-gap-analysis)
Problem Statement of Edge Computing beyond Access Network for Industrial IoT (slides-100-t2trg-problem-statement-of-edge-computing-beyond-access-network-for-industrial-iot)
WISHI: semantic interop of AVS and IoT (slides-100-t2trg-wishi-semantic-interop-of-avs-and-iot)


Internet of Things (IoT) Security: State of the Art and Challenges (draft-irtf-t2trg-iot-seccons) Version 00
Guidance on RESTful Design for Internet of Things Systems (draft-irtf-t2trg-rest-iot) Version 00
Small Crypto for Small IOT (draft-moskowitz-small-crypto) Version 00
Problem Statement of Edge Computing on Premises for Industrial IoT (draft-geng-iiot-edge-computing-problem-statement) Version 00

Notes and recordings

Audio recording for 2017-11-14 15:50
Video recording for 2017-11-14 15:50
Session recording

Unscheduled Sessions