T2TRG IETF 102 Summary meeting agenda

July 19th, 2018, 15:50..17:50 EDT (UTC-04:00)

Original at: https://github.com/t2trg/2018-ietf102/

Please contact chairs for any slot proposals.

Time Who Subject Docs
15:50 Chairs Intro, RG Status draft-irtf-t2trg-iot-seccons draft-irtf-t2trg-rest-iot
16:00 Michael Koster / Chairs, Report from WISHI and Hackathon  
  Michael Koster iot.schema.org update  
  Matthias Kovatsch W3C update  
16:40 TBD Next steps in security. Potential topics:
  • new crypto for IoT, selecting crypto, crypto transitions
  • semantics for security
  • security/privacy for semantics and self-description
  • relationship to dinrg (blockchain?)
17:40 Chairs Meeting Planning, Wrapup  
17:50   end of meeting