IPv6 Operations - IETF 102

19 July, 13:30

World IPv6 Trends
George Michaelson, APNIC
Requirements for IPv6 Routers
2018-05-26 , <draft-ietf-v6ops-ipv6rtr-reqs>
Requirements for IPv6 Customer Edge Routers to Support IPv4 Connectivity as-a-Service
2018-06-25, <draft-ietf-v6ops-transition-ipv4aas>
NAT64/464XLAT Deployment Guidelines in Operator and Enterprise Networks
2018-07-02 , <draft-ietf-v6ops-nat64-deployment>

20 July, 9:30

Multi-Addressing Considerations for IPv6 Prefix Delegation
2018-06-14 , <draft-templin-v6ops-pdhost>
IP over Ethernet (IPoE) Session Health Checking
2018-07-02 , <draft-patterson-intarea-ipoe-health>

Draft Status

The status of v6ops drafts, both working group drafts (draft-ietf-v6ops-*) and individual submissions to the working group (draft-<author>-v6ops-*), may be determined from https://datatracker.ietf.org/wg/v6ops/.