IETF-102 Homenet WG meeting

July 18th, 2018, 1520-1650 (EDT)

0. Administrivia

(Chairs, 5m)

Chair slides

Thanks to both.

1. WG Status Update

(Chairs, 2m)

Updated Drafts:

Progressing Drafts:

2. Outsourcing Home Network Authoritative Naming Service

(Daniel Migault, Jacques Latour, 20m)


(This has subsequently been taken to list so any further discussion is likely better on that thread.)

3. Status report on security topics

(Barbara Stark, 10m)


What Babel will deliver...

4. Simple Naming

(Ted Lemon, 50m)

Naming Slides

What's Left? Slides

Discussion of reverse mappings...

If we gather use cases, will help make informed decision. May have authorization controls to limit visibility of reverse.

The specification of friendly link names should be a WG item.

stateful versus Stateless service discovery

Schedule regular virtual interims (phone calls) to progress this draft

Suggestion is to have 4-5 calls, 2-3 weeks apart to progress this draft to the point where it's editorially complete and consistent, and at the point where we can get good implementer feedback.

Plan is for WG to wait for implementer feedback before hitting the "Publication Requested" button for the draft, so these calls do not have that as an immediate target.

misc questions for Ted:

5. AOB and wrap-up

Meeting adjourned.