PANRG Agenda IETF 105

When: 13:30 - 15:30 UTC-4, Thu 25 July 2019

Where: Laurier, Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth, Montreal

Chairs: Jen Linkova and Brian Trammell

Minutes Taker: TBA

Jabber Scribe:TBA

Time Length What Who
13:30 5m Welcome, Note Well, Agenda Chairs
13:35 10m Open Questions in Path Aware Networking B. Trammell
13:45 30m Path Aware Networking: Obstacles to Deployment (A Bestiary of Roads Not Taken) S. Dawkins
14:15 20m Performance Implications of Path Characteristics S. Dawkins
14:35 10m A Vocabulary of Path Properties T. Enghardt, C. Krähenbühl
14:45 25m Experiments with Property-based Path Selection T. Krüger
15:10 10m QUIC Over In-sequence Paths with Different Characteristics N. Kuhn
15:20 10m QUIC Over Satellite J. Border