IPPM Agenda IETF 106

Agenda for IPPM WG at IETF 106

When: Monday 18 November 10:00-12:00 UTC+8

Where: Hullet, Raffles City Convention Center

Chairs: Brian Trammell, Tommy Pauly, Bill Cerveny

Working Group Documents

Time Length What Who
10:00 10m Welcome, Note Well, Agenda, Status Chairs
10:10 20m draft-ietf-ippm-stamp-yang G. Mirsky
10:30 15m draft-ietf-ippm-metric-registry A. Morton
10:45 10m draft-ietf-ippm-route A. Morton
10:55 5m draft-ietf-ippm-multipoint-alt-mark G. Fioccola
11:00 25m draft-ietf-ippm-ioam-data F. Brockners

Other work

Individual drafts and topics that have received notable list discussion.

Time Length What Who
11:25 15m draft-ioamteam-ippm-ioam-direct-export T. Mizrahi
11:40 10m draft-morton-ippm-capacity-metric-method A. Morton
11:50 10m draft-mirsky-ippm-hybrid-two-step G. Mirsky

Lightning Talks

Lightning talk slots are available to introduce or present updates on work that has not had significant discussion on the mailing lists. Each talk is limited to 5 minutes or less.

There is no scheduled time for lightning talks at this meeting because the agenda is full. This queue is maintained for lightning talk requests that will be presented if time allows.