IETF106 Lightweight Authenticated Key Exchange (LAKE)

Wednesday November 20th, 1520-1650, Sophia (Note: this collides with wpack, so a move may happen, who knows)

Chairs: Mališa Vučinić, Stephen Farrell Charter: Mailing list: Jabber room: Etherpad:

DRAFT Agenda: - Administrivia and agenda bash (chairs, 10 mins) - Requirements draft (John Mattson, 20 mins) - Present changes, open items - - Hum to check if room happy to adopt (after "yes": do-adoption-call on list) - If room doesn't want to adopt reqs draft: - DISCUSS that - If room seems to want to adopt reqs draft: - Discuss other requirements work items (5/10 mins each) (Ideally, identify those topics on the list ahead of time) - (TBC) Initial discussion of static-DH requirements (Karthik, 10 mins) - (TBC) 6tisch requirements (Michael Richardson, 5 mins) - AOB