IETF 106 NWCRG Meeting Agenda (v3)

1- nwcrg@ietf106-hackathon

Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 16-17, 2019

2- nwcrg meeting@ietf106

Thursday, Nov. 21, 2019, Afternoon session I, 13:30-15:30, Hullet

00- Welcome, administrative and general matters

(Chairs) (10+5')
News from the FECFRAME-ext/RLC/TinyMT32 standardisation (TSVWG)
Situation of the "NC for CCN/NDN: requirements and challenges" I-D
Situation of the RLNC I-Ds: what's next?

01- Sliding Window FEC (SWiF) codec hackathon feedback

(Vincent Roca) (5+5')

Updates of existing works:

02- Update of the "Coding techniques for satellite systems" I-D

(Nicolas Kuhn) (5+5')

03- Update of the deployment of BATS code

(Raymond W. Yeung) (10+5')

04- Update of the "RLC FEC Scheme for QUIC" I-D

(Vincent Roca) (5+5')

New works:

05- "Coding and congestion control in transport" I-D

(Nicolas Kuhn) (10+5')

06- Getting and Exchanging Decoding State Information

(Cedric Adjih) (10+5')

Relationship with other groups:

07- About LOOPS (Local Optimizations on Path Segments)

(Carsten Bormann) (10+5')

Open discussions

08- Network coding and critical events in IoT and industrial processes

(Marie-Jose Montpetit) (5')


Total allocated time: 110'

Time balance: 10'