ICNRG meeting

Monday November 18 - 10-12pm

IETF 106 - Singapore 🇸🇬 

Olivia Room Raffles Convention Centre

Review of the new Note Well for IRTF

- Touching the Future Internet - City U. Hong Kong - School of Creative Media

NDN to request and fetch video content selectively.

Uses Derivative’s Touch video platform.

- ICN LowPan

- QoS for ICN in the IoT

- LPWAN Compared to LowPAN

- ICN over LoRa

Intelligent water meter

RIOT integration

ICN and LoRa for IETF 107 0 interest? Contact Dirk Kutscher.

- Push it - update 2

ICNRG Drafts - Status overview 

Different issues described per QoS potential mechanisms and impact (see draft).

Comment: goal is to get people to read the draft (not a lot of people did at this point).

Manifest draft revisited after discussions in Montreal.

Deltas to the original draft presented.

Python implantation available.

Not ready for last call.

Security section needed.

Important topic to be considered - ICN/CCN community should implement this. 

Goal is to publish this year.

Thanks to Marc Mosko.

Name resolution work at ETRI.

2 documents in RG last call; Design Guideline may require a second last call but not the Architecture one.

Summary of the comments to the documents.

Q (Thomas Schmidt): enforcement of the name administration

A: we are not looking at namespace

Q: look at DNS cannot change names

A: NRS is similar to DNS but different enough - will reply by email

Q (Stew Card): Security is ACL-like; name resolution capability based access control would be better. Did you consider it.

A: We will consider.

Based on a paper in ICN2017: 

Moiseenko, I. and D. Oran, "Path Switching in Content Centric and Named Data Networks, 

in 4th ACM Conference on Information-Centric Networking (ICN 2017)",

DOI 10.1145/3125719.3125721, September 2017,


Not an alternative to CCNinfo - a new mechanism/bags of tricks. 

Comments on the list are requested.

New draft but not new topics; related to discussions on LowPAN.

Timers take a lot of energy; look at compressing them.

See https://github.com/icnrg for tracking progress.

Important to review.

Update on the draft. 

Comment (Dave O.):  Seems poster child for manifest meta data (slide 3).

Need to balance need for the manifest meta data and disturbing the draft.

Good time to last call this draft - look for it on the draft.

Update on the draft.

Comment (Thomas Schmidt): Help on IPV6.

Comment (Dirk Kutscher): change CCN to CCNx.

Q (Vera Li): Performance relative to overlay and underlay

A (Greg): CCN over 5G discussed with native and non native implementations.

Q (Dave O.): Reuning HHTP on top on ICN - what spec defines the mapping?

A:  APIs from ICN to the higher layer.

Comment (Dave O.): This seems to take twice the packets.

CeFore Implementation:

QoS Discussion:

Interest for a Thursday morning discussion in the “open time” slot.

Need discussion on hackaton especially since people want to organize something.

++++ end