ADD Agenda for IETF108

Group: Adaptive DNS Discovery

Responsible AD: Barry Leiba

Chairs: David Lawrence, Glenn Deen

Session: Thursday July 30,2020 14:10-15:50 UTC

5min Welcome to ADD WG [Chairs ]

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Agenda Bash [Chairs]

Discovery Topics

#1 - 10min DNS Resolver Discovery Protocol (DRDP) [Daniel Migualt]

Draft: draft-mglt-add-rdp-02

#2 - 10min Adaptive DNS Resolver Discovery [Tommy Pauly]

Draft: draft-pauly-add-resolver-discovery-01

#3 - 10min DoH Preference Hints for HTTP [Nick Sullivan]

Draft: draft-schinazi-httpbis-doh-preference-hints-02

#4 - 10min A Bootstrapping Procedure to Discover and Authenticate DoT/DoH servers for IoT and BYOD Devices [Dan Wing]

Draft: draft-reddy-add-iot-byod-bootstrap-00

#5 - 10min Encrypted DNS Discovery and Deployment Considerations for Home Networks [Mohamed Boucadair]

Draft: draft-btw-add-home-07

Resolver Information Topics

#6 - 10min DNS Server Selection: DNS Server Information with Assertion Token [Tirumaleswar Reddy]

Draft: draft-reddy-add-server-policy-selection-03

Deployments, Considerations and Observations

#7 - 5min Practical Observations from Encrypted DNS Deployments by Network Operators [Andrew Campling]

Draft: draft-campling-operator-observations-00

#8 - 10min A Proposal for a DoH Discovery Trial [Neil Cook]

Draft: draft-cook-doh-discovery-trial-00

Agenda End

Documents Not on IETF108 Agenda but relevant to WG

Deployment Considerations for Enterprise Networks

draft-reddy-add-enterprise-00 [Tirumaleswar Reddy]

Adaptive DNS Discovery Threats [Glenn Deen]


Upgrading Communication from Stub Resolvers to DoT or DoH

draft-pp-add-stub-upgrade-02 [Paul Hoffman]

DNS Resolver Information Self-publication

draft-pp-add-resinfo-02.txt [Paul Hoffman]

DoH and DoT Protocol

Supporting Redirect Responses in DNS Queries over HTTPS (DoH)

draft-btw-add-rfc8484-clarification-02 [Neil Cook]

IKEv2 Configuration for Encrypted DNS

draft-btw-add-ipsecme-ike-00 [Valery Smyslov]