IDR meeting at IETF 108 (version 03) 

Friday,  14:10-15:50 UTC, July 31, 2020



Collaborate on Note Taking:

0. Agenda bashing and Chair's slides (10 mins)

1. RD based ORF [Wei Wang/Aijun Wang] (10 mins)

2. BGP SR Policy Extensions to Enable IFIT [Giuseppe Fioccola] (10 mins)

3. BGP Bitmask Route Target and RT-Constrain Extension [Jeffrey Zhang] (15 mins)

4. BGP-LS with Multi-topology for SR based VTN [Cong Li/Jie Dong] (10 mins)

5.Traffic Steering using BGP Flowspec with SRv6 Policy [Yisong Liu] (10 mins)

6. BGP-LS Extensions for Advertising Path MTU [Yongqing Zhu/Shuping Peng] (10 mins)

7. BGP Classful Transport Planes [Kaliraj Vairavakkalai] (15 mins)

8. (If time allows) Controller Based BGP Multicast Signaling [Jeffrey Zhang] (5 mins)

[5 minutes for switching] 

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