ACE WG IETF 108, Wed July 29, 2020 11:00 UTC - 04:00 PDT (1.5 hours)

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Current Working Group Documents

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Document Stat Updates - 0:00

OSCORE profile (FP)

FP: Small comments from the IETF last call. Need to deal with some IANA issues still.
Issues have been put into the tracker on GitHub.

DTLS Profile

JS: Same situtation with the DTLS profile. It needs a new draft and then the AD can move all four documents to the IESG.
GS: Have not looked at the issues. Will ping Olaf for updates.

MQTT - Cigddem Sengul - 0:07

Group Comm Francesca Palobini

OSCORE Group Comm - Marco - 5:03

CoAP Transport for CMP - Mohit Sahni - 5:11

JS: This is here for possible adoption, but the WG is not not expected to have expertise in the CMP protocol, but just looking at how the CoAP work is done.
DM: Objections to doing this work?
No objections registered.
DM: Need to re-charter and then adopt.
JS: Recharter does not stop us from doing reviews.
GS: Reading table of contents - multicast and proxy support
MS: Don't use multicast for this. Only used for service discovery.
Need to have proxy support to get additional security for servers.
GS: This is just a transport draft?
MS: Yes.

AIF Authorization Info - Carsten - 5:21

DM: Is there a registry for the methods of AIF-REST?
CB: Yes - variants need to specify the permissions. For this used the CoAP method numbers

CB: Has it been adopted?
JS: Chairs need to get together to make final decision. Should be today or tomorrow.
BK: Who tracks the resources for dynamic permissions?
CB: It is the resource server, this is not generally communicated off the RS.
BK: Just asking about what else is similar due to the broader scope that this might be.
CB: When started, looked for other ways and not really found. Static resources on a server and somebody else telling the RS who has access seems to be a fairly new concept.

Group Admin - Marco - 5:31

JS: On the use of different names for management and joining nodes: Don't know if there is an advantage, but that is what the pub-sub document in CoRE was doing so they may have ideas.

MT: Adoption call result?
DM: We'll let you know.

Adjourned - 5:43