ACME at IETF 108
Thursday Session III

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Minutes: Yaron Sheffer

Status of current drafts

(No discussion)

Brian Sipos on DTN (delay-tolerant networking) Draft

Roman: are DTN nodes on the public Internet? Or closed network?
Brian: no need for ACME if on a closed network. CA probably integrated in DTN. Sites have gateway nodes into the open Internet. Connecting to a public (not necessarily commercial) CA.
Rick (DTN chair): are you offering to publish in ACME as an Experimental doc, or keep it within DTN?
Brian: intend to keep in DTN. Use of URI validation is new to ACME.
Rick: ACME is possibly a good way to resolve existing IESG discusses. Can take it off-line.
Roman: would ACME servers have understanding of DTN identifiers?
Brian: they would need to be DTN nodes. Just like the ACME server that implements the SMTP validation draft. Use case is inter-site DTN. Node is accepting bundles from other domains, lower trust exists.
Yoav: ACME servers are CAs. They are reluctant to provide service to anything other than the normal web use case.
Brian: no expectation of uptake in generic ACME servers.
Rich: precedent for non-web use cases [missed specifics].
Rick: DTN is a small focused WG, not sure they have the bandwidth to take it on. Would be happy if ACME does.
Brian: and this is so similar to SMTP.
YN: hum?
Roman: ask re: familiarity.
YN: we know the answer.
Hum: have you read it? pianissimo.
YN: will not ask on adoption.
Alexey: ask who is willing to review.
Chat: Melinda, Russ, Rich, Alexey, Yoav.
YN: let's read, then maybe have a call for adoption.

Owen Friel on

Update; the call for adoption (fell through the cracks)

Rich: intended to issue call for adoption last meeting. Will ask who has read, and call for adoption.
YN: a couple willing to review (Russ and Carl). Alexey too.
YN: too early for adoption. Will take to the list.

Owen Friel on draft-ietf-acme-integrations


RS: have you got feedback from other groups?
Owen: presented at EMU (at 106). Added a co-author. Incorporated feedback.
RS: probably not ready for adoption. Once we do, this would be an Informational doc.
Owen: reminder - this is already adopted by WG.
RS: who's read it?
Chat: 1 person read, 1 interested.
RS: call for adoption before other draft (minute taker confused here).
After the fact: RS was wrong, Owen right, this was adopted and we'll reach out. (Minute taker unconfused)

Open mic chat about Onion records and ACME

Roland led discussion. Mentioned limited CA interest.
No further discussion.


Meeting concluded 15:02.