Presentation Start Time Duration Information
0 13:00 10 Title: Administrivia - WG Status - Reporting on WG drafts not being presented
Presenter: Chairs
Haomian Zheng: All the issues are tracked in the github for the OTN models. Good contact with Yang doctor. Drafts will be updated editorially, and then ready for WG LC.
Gert Grammel: We are still trying to align the DWDM related drafts with topology related ones.

1 13:10 10 Title: A YANG Data Model for Client Signal Performance Monitoring
Presenter: Haomian Zheng

Dieter Beller: you have defined a measurement loopback method in the YANG code. You should describe better what does it mean. The YANG code does not say anything about where the loopback is activated.
Add description (in the text or in the yang).
Asks to provide references on how latency can be measured (if possible)

2 13:20 10 Title: A YANG Data Model for Ethernet TE Topology
Presenter: Italo Busi/Oscar Gonzalez de Dios

Fatai Zhang: Is the draft focused only on ethernet?
Italo Busi: Yes, name can be changed if adopted.
Fatai Zhang: The description should be modified in the draft.
Italo Busi: I agree, we should clarify the different aspects of the draft (client signal and ETH TE)
Vishnu Pavan Beerham: Please start a thread on the relationship of draft-ogondio-opsawg-uni-topology with the other topo drafts on the TEAS mailing list.
Oscar Gonzalez de Dios: I’ll copy also opsawg list and bring the issue in TE github

3 13:30 10 Title: YANG Data Model for Sync PHY
Presenter: Yuanlong Jiang

4 13:40 10 Title: Conveying Transceiver-Related Information within RSVP-TE Signaling
Presenter: Julien Meuric/Gabriele Galimberti
Italo Busi: similar discussion in Yang model for transceivers. Alignment in terms on which attributes are needed.
Julien Meuric: fully agree. Bring the model into the draft.
Italo Busi: Aligned!

Daniele: Will schedule an interm meeting in September