Media OPerationS (MOPS) WG

IETF 108 (Virtual)
Tuesday, July 28, 2020
13h00-13h50 UTC

Chairs: Kyle Rose, Leslie Daigle


chairs shared notewell.
Good turn out at start 38 attendees.

Leslie noted that during the session there maybe items identified for a potential interim

Review of concrete work items

Jake presented on the draft's new material.

There is now a new secton on Covid "Extemeely Inpredictable Patterns" in the draft
A template has been added for submitting issues on GitHub

presented the current open issues list from GitHub. there are now 2 new issues since the last meeting: References for covid section #24, broken github references #25.

authors anticipate adding a new Advertising section.

There is an ongoing discussion on Latency on the list. there is question around are gaming platforms like Statia in scope or video conferencing since there is an overlap when discussing latency.

Question from Alexandre Gouaillard: Do we differntiate on content? there is a differnces with platforms like Twitch and how they also connect to the latency discussion.

Leslie pointed out that we have limited time in this session so suggests writing up actual content as if were including it.

Updates from other work

Chris presented on the Streaming Video Alliance's End-to-End Workflow Monitoring Project
(slides available in meeting materials)

Q & A
Leslie commented that this was an interesting presentation asked when the SVA BP document will be released.
A: Chris said it's under final review so likely Q3 2020

Q: Glenn Deen comments that the presentation did a good job talking about the application, encoding, device layer and wondered if there was potentially future work at the SVA and IETF on enabling means for the network aspect to be better exposed for both problem solving, but also algorithmically.
A: Chris said yes - there would be benefits.

Alex spoke on Media Transport Protocol testing and comparison and how it's hard since the various protocols are not all just protocols. Some are actually data transports (SVA, QUIC), others are protocols RTMP, HTTP.

Alex noted that the WebTransport group has now been chartered at the IETF and the W3C.

Alex: Key question: Can we narrow the scope of what should be tested.

Leslie suggested the dicussion should be done on the MOPS lists.


Renan Krishna could not present due to technical issues without time remaining in the meetecho session to resolve the problem.
Kyte - Leslie: will carry over the presentation to a future MOPS meeting.

-end of notes-

(note taker: Glenn Deen)