QUIC at IETF 108

Note Takers: Brian Trammell, Robin Marx, Chris Wood(?), Eric Kinnear

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

11:00-12:40 Wednesday Session I


Blue sheets Scribe selection NOTE WELL Agenda bashing

Issue Discussion

Ends latest at 12:10 UTC

Drafts that require discussion

(Issue link template) https://github.com/quicwg/base-drafts/issues/3765


Issue 3765 (slides)

(will cut the queue after Christian and Eric or not)


  1. we need to address this migration issue before shipping: piano (medium)

  2. it's ok to leave this as-is and consider an extension after shipping: fortissimo (loudest)

Mark: go ahead Lars Lars: go ahead Mark (maybe we need a WG to increase the speed of light)

Version-specific Transport Parameters

Issue 3965

Hackathon / Interop Report

QUIC-LB: Generating Routable QUIC Connection IDs

5+10 min - Discussion of the QUIC-LB draft - Martin Duke


Discussion on Issue 12

Discussion on Issues 8/16


Manageability/Applicability of the QUIC Transport Protocol

5+5 min - Discussion of the Applicability and Manageability drafts - Mirja K├╝hlewind & Brian Trammell


Brian is apparently too weak to present and take notes at the same time, so I'm taking over

Issue 75

Greasing the QUIC Bit draft

draft, slides

3GPP Access Traffic Steering Switching and Splitting (ATSSS) - Overview for IETF Participants - Spencer Dawkins

draft, slides

QUIC Version Aliasing draft - Martin Duke

draft, slides

the ghost of christmas audio problems strikes again

and again (Martin should stop googling "recursion")