draft-rift-rift (Tony P)

Tony presents interesting new topics for RIFT

Notes that the RIFT draft is still 12 so no changes. Issues going Python 3 (hashable problem)
Bruno: solved the problem in Python 3 some other way

RIFT-Python (Bruno R.): Playing prerecorded video.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhiiTDPuku0
Bruno presents disaggregation, positive then (for multiplane) negative
Questions on disaggregation:

Yang (Sandy)

Base model in good shape, very close to done. Sandy is cutoff,

Multicast (Jeffrey and Pascal T)

Jeffrey does the intro. Explains the use of a tree and PIM BIDIR/

Pascal presents how a spanning tree can be built to from a virtual Rendez-vous Point link (RPL) between the ToF and the subToF; The result is a panning tree that joins either all leaves or all nodes.

Pascal shows an optimization where the root is in the subtof which divides evenmy the replication work between ToF and subToF

When we want to use many trees for load balance, hash can be used

Tony P asks about consistency. Pascal agrees that the hash computation must be the same by all so all need the same information. Ideally packets would be tagged with the selected tree so there can be no loop

Jeffrey indicates that there can be no loop. Pascal agrees for outside of the RPL if forwarding is up and then through the RPL and then down. But inside the RPL there could be loops, (also with BIDIR if the packet is injected at mid point)