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TEAS Draft Minutes

Session Information

			TEAS Agenda For IETF 108
			Version: Jul 26, 2020
			Session 1: Friday, July 31, 2020 (UTC)
			11:00-12:40 Friday Session I (UTC)
Session ICS:

Presentation   Start Time Duration Information

1 11:00 5 Title: Administrivia & WG Status

Presenter: Chairs

2 11:05 5 Title: WG Draft updates

Draft: Many
Presenter: Chairs

Adrian Farrel: draft-king-teas-applicability-actn-slicing has been respoon
Jie Dong: The plan is to move it to other documents (currently individual)
Eric Gray: The scope of the new documents are more narrow than the original so removal is problematic
Vishnu Beeram: Please discuss the change on the list
Lou Berger: Please discuss with WG before (re)moving text from a WG document

3 11:10 10 Title: Yang model for requesting Path Computation

Presenter: Sergio Belotti

Lou Berger: Suggest discussing/reporting any tool issues with the tool author – (from jabber: report issue via
Rob Wilton (from Jabber):
On the path computation presentation, and having looked at RFC 7950, for issue #76 (1) and (2) I think that the pyang 2.1 behaviour is correct. I.e. don’t include “input” and for (2), I think that this isn’t allowed. The key text being section 6.4.1 or RFC 7950

4 11:20 10 Title: Yang model update

Presenter: Dhruv Dhody

Tarek Saad: Is the path computed by “template” in TE-Service mapping, stateful in nature?
Dhruv Dhody: This is just the constraints and optimization criteria and nothing to do with the statefulness of path.
Daniele Ceccarelli: This comes from the OSS layer, which doesn’t care about how it is provided via te tunnels, just that the service characteristics are met

5 11:30 10 Title: DT Intro, IETF Definition of Transport Slice

Presenter: Jari Arkko + Reza Rokui
Actual Start Time: 11:42

Lou Berger: Expect an adoption call on the list.

6 11:40 10 Title: Framework for Transport Network Slices

Presenter:Eric Gray

Actual Start Time: 11:53

Daniele Ceccarelli: in ACTN we have defined the interface between MDSC and CNC as a boundary between a customer and the operator. We are now lacking of a reference point between the MDSC and another entity within the operator. We have identified a similar issue in the context of POI.
On the MDSC role, I agree with the interpretation.

Lou Berger: Any objections to adoption?
Please expect an adoption call on list.

7 11:50 10 Title: Transport Network Slice YANG Data Model

Presenter: Xufeng Liu
Actual Start time: 12:10

8 12:00 10 Title: A Yang Data Model for Transport Slice NBI

Presenter: Bo Wu
Actual Start Time: 12:18

(From Jabber) Vishnu Beeram: Note that the previous presentation ties the modeling of a transport network slice to existing network topology models while the current presentation focuses on the service view of a slice. Please chime in with your views on these 2 approaches (either here or on the list)… There seems to be a case being made (by both sets of authors) to make room for both – please discuss if you have any objections…
Lou Berger: Please take comments/discussion to list

9 12:10 10 Title: Network Slicing with Flexible Traffic Engineering

Presenter: Jeffrey Zhang
Actual Start Time: 12:26

Please take comments/discussion to list

10 12:20 10 Title: Packet Network Slicing using Segment Routing

Presenter: Ran Chen
Actual Start Time: 12:31

Please take comments/discussion to list

11 12:30 10 Title: A YANG Data Model for MPLS-TE Topology

Presenter: Italo Busi
Actual Start Time: 12:36

Please take comments/discussion to list

Adjourn 12:40

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