IETF 108 Proceedings

IETF Progress Report

21-March-20 to 25-July-20

7 New Working Group(s) formed this period

2 Working Group(s) concluded this period

48 RFCs published this period

29 Standards Track; 4 BCP; 1 Experimental; 12 Informational

RFC8794 PS (cellar) July 2020 Extensible Binary Meta Language
RFC8780 PS (pce) July 2020 The Path Computation Element Communication Protocol (PCEP) Extension for Wavelength Switched Optical Network (WSON) Routing and Wavelength Assignment (RWA)
RFC8779 PS (pce) July 2020 Path Computation Element Communication Protocol (PCEP) Extensions for GMPLS
RFC8799 I (none) July 2020 Limited Domains and Internet Protocols
RFC8796 PS (mpls) July 2020 RSVP-TE Summary Fast Reroute Extensions for Label Switched Path (LSP) Tunnels
RFC8820 BCP (none) June 2020 URI Design and Ownership
RFC8790 PS (core) June 2020 FETCH and PATCH with Sensor Measurement Lists (SenML)
RFC8784 PS (ipsecme) June 2020 Mixing Preshared Keys in the Internet Key Exchange Protocol Version 2 (IKEv2) for Post-quantum Security
RFC8792 I (netmod) June 2020 Handling Long Lines in Content of Internet-Drafts and RFCs
RFC8785 I (none) June 2020 JSON Canonicalization Scheme (JCS)
RFC8798 PS (core) June 2020 Additional Units for Sensor Measurement Lists (SenML)
RFC8797 PS (nfsv4) June 2020 Remote Direct Memory Access - Connection Manager (RDMA-CM) Private Data for RPC-over-RDMA Version 1
RFC8766 PS (dnssd) June 2020 Discovery Proxy for Multicast DNS-Based Service Discovery
RFC8765 PS (dnssd) June 2020 DNS Push Notifications
RFC8764 I (none) June 2020 Apple's DNS Long-Lived Queries Protocol
RFC8806 I (dnsop) June 2020 Running a Root Server Local to a Resolver
RFC8789 BCP (none) June 2020 IETF Stream Documents Require IETF Rough Consensus
RFC8793 I (icnrg) June 2020 Information-Centric Networking (ICN): Content-Centric Networking (CCNx) and Named Data Networking (NDN) Terminology
RFC8791 PS (netmod) June 2020 YANG Data Structure Extensions
RFC8776 PS (teas) June 2020 Common YANG Data Types for Traffic Engineering
RFC8787 PS (sipcore) May 2020 Location Source Parameter for the SIP Geolocation Header Field
RFC8786 PS (pce) May 2020 Updated Rules for Processing Stateful PCE Request Parameters Flags
RFC8783 PS (dots) May 2020 Distributed Denial-of-Service Open Threat Signaling (DOTS) Data Channel Specification
RFC8782 PS (dots) May 2020 Distributed Denial-of-Service Open Threat Signaling (DOTS) Signal Channel Specification
RFC8788 BCP (none) May 2020 Eligibility for the 2020-2021 Nominating Committee
RFC8772 I (none) May 2020 The China Mobile, Huawei, and ZTE Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) Simple Control and User Plane Separation Protocol (S-CUSP)
RFC8723 PS (perc) April 2020 Double Encryption Procedures for the Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP)
RFC8758 BCP (curdle) April 2020 Deprecating RC4 in Secure Shell (SSH)
RFC8781 PS (6man) April 2020 Discovering PREF64 in Router Advertisements
RFC8777 PS (mboned) April 2020 DNS Reverse IP Automatic Multicast Tunneling (AMT) Discovery
RFC8775 PS (pim) April 2020 PIM Designated Router Load Balancing
RFC8763 I (icnrg) April 2020 Deployment Considerations for Information-Centric Networking (ICN)
RFC8761 I (netvc) April 2020 Video Codec Requirements and Evaluation Methodology
RFC8753 PS (art) April 2020 Internationalized Domain Names for Applications (IDNA) Review for New Unicode Versions
RFC8724 PS (lpwan) April 2020 SCHC: Generic Framework for Static Context Header Compression and Fragmentation
RFC8778 PS (cose) April 2020 Use of the HSS/LMS Hash-Based Signature Algorithm with CBOR Object Signing and Encryption (COSE)
RFC8770 PS (lsr) April 2020 Host Router Support for OSPFv2
RFC8774 (none) April 2020 The Quantum Bug
RFC8771 (none) April 2020 The Internationalized Deliberately Unreadable Network NOtation (I-DUNNO)
RFC8767 PS (dnsop) March 2020 Serving Stale Data to Improve DNS Resiliency
RFC8751 I (pce) March 2020 Hierarchical Stateful Path Computation Element (PCE)
RFC8684 PS (mptcp) March 2020 TCP Extensions for Multipath Operation with Multiple Addresses
RFC8773 E (tls) March 2020 TLS 1.3 Extension for Certificate-Based Authentication with an External Pre-Shared Key
RFC8745 PS (pce) March 2020 Path Computation Element Communication Protocol (PCEP) Extensions for Associating Working and Protection Label Switched Paths (LSPs) with Stateful PCE
RFC8757 PS (manet) March 2020 Dynamic Link Exchange Protocol (DLEP) Latency Range Extension
RFC8756 I (none) March 2020 Commercial National Security Algorithm (CNSA) Suite Profile of Certificate Management over CMS
RFC8749 PS (dnsop) March 2020 Moving DNSSEC Lookaside Validation (DLV) to Historic Status
RFC8743 I (none) March 2020 Multiple Access Management Services Multi-Access Management Services (MAMS)