IPPM Agenda IETF 109

When: Monday 16 November 2020, 5:00-7:00 UTC

Where: Meetecho

Chairs: Tommy Pauly & Ian Swett

Working Group Documents

Time Length What Who
5:00 5m Welcome, Note Well, Agenda, Status Chairs
Update on draft-ietf-ippm-stamp-yang G. Mirsky
5:05 20m In-Progress IOAM Drafts F. Brockners

Open Calls for Adoption

Individual drafts in WG Call for Adoption

Time Length What Who
5:25 15m SRPM Drafts R. Gandhi
5:40 10m draft-geib-ippm-connectivity-monitoring R. Geib
5:50 10m draft-xiao-ippm-ioam-conf-state X. Min
6:00 10m draft-zhou-ippm-ioam-yang T. Zhou

Proposed Work

Individual drafts that have received list discussion and are candidates for adoption.

Time Length What Who
6:10 10m draft-mirsky-ippm-hybrid-two-step G. Mirsky
6:20 15m draft-mdt-ippm-explicit-flow-measurements C. Mauro

Lightning Talks

Each talk is limited to 5 minutes.

What Who
draft-zhou-ippm-enhanced-alternate-marking G. Fioccola
draft-wang-ippm-stamp-hbh-extensions Y. Wang
draft-li-ippm-pm-on-lag M. Chen
draft-gafni-ippm-ioam-additional-data-fields B. Gafni
draft-dunbar-ippm-5g-edge-compute-ip-layer-metrics L. Dunbar